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Small Business Support

Do you already own a small business? Interested in buying or franchising a business? Starting and running a small business requires determination and a broad skill set. Those who run a business are typically forced to wear many hats, and sometimes need to reach out for help. This is especially true for legal matters, which, if handled poorly, could result in substantial costs or closing of the business.

If you are a small business owner, or are looking to buy or franchise a business and are encountering any of the below situations, you may want to seek legal advice:

  • Incorporation & Legal Structures
  • Debt Collection
  • Contracts
  • Business Operations
  • Zoning
  • Business Dispute
  • Starting/Selling a Business
  • Employee Disputes

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How Can an Attorney Help My Small Business?

Many things a small business owner is responsible for can be handled on their own or with the support of their staff. However, some issues are too time-consuming, too complex, or are too high risk to handle without the expertise of a lawyer. Your specific legal needs are unique to your business. Connecting with a lawyer is the best way to identify if you need legal assistance for your situation.

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